William Mendoza

Director, Manager, Vocal

William Mendoza was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico but was raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Because of the city’s’ cultural diversity, he surrounded himself with music that ranged from Doo Wop & R&B, to Rock and Latin. He was in the mix during the birth of Fania and the ever-evolving styles of Salsa which were blazing the airwaves back in the 70’s. He began playing bass guitar at age 14, but moved on to steel drums where he discovered his true love for percussion. After years of playing the NY Latin scene, with groups such as the Latin Rock Band Malo, Willie took a hiatus from the music business to raise a family and to concentrate on business. After years in the business sector, his love for music has brought him back. Applying both what he learned in music as well as in business he now brings to you – “The Latin Heartbeat Orchestra”.

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