Eric Pabon

Eric Pabon


Hello, I'm Eric Pabón Flores. In 2005, I was invited by Master Frankie Vázquez and the Soneros del Coqui Orchestra in Salinas. Initially hesitant, I soon joined as a coro singer and became a part of the orchestra for three years under the guidance of its founder, Juan Rivera Ortiz. In 2008, I sang for Maestro Wito Colón's orchestra and later formed my own band. By 2008, I collaborated with Francisco Alvarado Chalina's La Perla de Ponce Ensemble for four years. Post that, I freelanced, earning titles like "The Marshal of Soneo" in Colombia and performing with legends like Master Rafu Warner. My experiences include collaborations with numerous renowned orchestras. In 2018, I started recording solo, with hits like "Madre Querida." Soon after, I joined The Latin Heartbeat Orchestra under Master William Mendoza. To this day, I'm honored to perform with them, cherishing every moment and praying for continuous blessings in our musical journey. Amen.

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