Sharin De Leon Sanabria

Sharin De Leon Sanabria


Sharina de León is a Puerto Rican singer and troubadour. Sharina De Leon, is a fourth-generation trovadora who improvises lyrical rhymes in songs. At the age of six Sharina began singing as part of the "Show de la Familia Sanabria" where she grew up performing throughout Puerto Rico and the United States. During her presentations, she had the opportunity to participate in performances with artists such as; Jose Feliciano, La Orquesta Sinfonica de Puerto Rico, Tonny Croatto, Victor Manuel and Lucecita Benitez among others. Sharina continues her effort to preserve "música jíbara" while continuing to pursue other genres like bolero and salsa, becoming a member of The Latin Heartbeat Orchestra.

The Latest Albums

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