Jesse “Timbalon” Perez

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    Celebrating thirty years in the music business, Timbalon (a nickname given to him at a very young age by his father) prides himself as a versatile musician. Whether it's Salsa, rhythm and blues, Latin jazz, rock, pop, Christian or smooth jazz, Jessie just excels in all areas. He's worked with some of the best, including: Celia Cruz; LA India; Spanish Harlem Orq.; Domingo Quiñones (whom he‘s currently the musical director for); as well as Charlie Cruz and Kevin Ceballos. Timbalon has had the honor of performing with many his mentors, such as: Oscar Hernandez; Isidro Infante; Marc Quiñones; Bobby Allende; Luisito & Robert Quinteros; Robert Vilera; Rubén Rodríguez; Jimmy Bosch; Gilberto Pulpo Colon; Bomberito Zarzuela; Eddie Montalvo; Ray Colon; Eric Vélez; José Jusino; Little Johnny Rivero; Harry Adorno; Arturo Ortiz; Ricky González; Nelson Hernández; Nelson Gonzalez; Piro Rodríguez; and Kachiro Thompson. Now he brings this talent to The Latin Heartbeat Orchestra. Jessie is currently working on his own project with his lifelong friends La 860 and is currently undertaking a new journey in which they are finishing their first production. With this new endeavor, Jessie has added new hats to the mix and is working as producer, composer and assistant engineer.

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